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On-call childcare services!

We have missed you! In March 2020 we had to make the tough decision to close our services for children, families and Nannies' health and safety. For the last months, families have contacted us requesting our on-call services and we were just not ready yet. Therefore, we have been working behind the scenes to offer this support.

Now that the city is re-opening and services are being offered again, we are so happy to announce that our On-call childcare services will be available again. Looking at the childcare needs of our clients and the need of childcare professionals to offer their services. We have decided to open our services and what a better time than for Summer adventures. We will be following all the government precautions and COVID guidelines for our clients, children and Nannies' safety. We really appreciate your patience and your support.

As we slowly open our services, we are also hiring new professional childcare Nannies who can serve your family and your childcare needs. Therefore you will see new faces in our team, how exciting!

Please book in advance at least 24-48 hours as our Nannies get booked quickly.

If you require additional information please contact us and we would be happy to help. We have created a NEW on-call childcare guide that we would love for you to review.

We look forward to hearing from you and book you one of our amazing Nannies!

All the best,

La Lune Sitters Montreal Team


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